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energy and climate change

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  1. In this video se can see that speak of the energy. In this video explain
    when we can save energy. There are 6,5 billion of possibilities from save energy.
    First we use always the car from transport but if we usethe bicycle, the bus, the metro or the publis transportos better than if we use the car.
    Other form from save energy os more the most of the solar power, wind energy and we can use the solad plane.
    Is better use the bulbthat consumesless called energy efficient lightbulb.

  2. Hi:) I think that this video treats to show us how to take care of the environment of different ways: using bulbs of low consume, using more the bike, the public transports, using new technologies that are better for our planet. We are 6'5 billion of persons in the planet, if each one of us takes care of the planet we will live in better conditions. In resum, conserve the planet, it's the only we've got

  3. I think that this video is about the global warming. One of the causes of this phenomenon is the use of non-renewable energies. This type of energy is obtained from natural non-renewable sources, such as coal or gas. We use it for example in our cars or in the industry.

    The video shows some alternatives for avoid the increasement of the global warming: to use buses, the underground or other ways of public transportation instead of using our cars, to get the energy from renewable energy sources, such as from the sun (solar power) or from the wind (wind power), or to use energy-efficient light bulbs instead of the common light bulbs. Doing this we can save money and also protect the environment.

    We are 6’5 billions of people and we have to work together to make our planet a healthy world.

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  5. In my opinion this video explain what we can do to avoid the global warming. Nowadays there are 6.5 billions of peope in the Earth, if everybody help to avoid it we can get it.
    Some ideas we can do for avoid it are have new habits, like use the public transport or go by foot or by bike to the places;use new technologies, for example the renowable energy or use energy-efficient bulbs...
    The message we can get of this video is we must conserve our planet because it´s the only one of we´ve got.
    By: Ana Reyes Blázquez 3ºB

  6. HI:) I THINK THIs video is to give some ideas to improve the way we live you have to change some habits if we look after the environment with simple things in this video come the transport take the car to walk on bike or by public tranportAnother example is to change the nuclear energy as an energy elica Renobable sun .. normal bulbs replaced by low energy that lasts more and spend less this is the main point of this video if everyone helps a little care the world has so there will be no nuclear contamination to the environment

  7. This video talk about the energy. We can save the environment. We have a lot of posibilities of change the energy. We must use the public tonsport, the bike and don't use the car. We have new ideas for change the energy. We must change the Nuclear Power Stations into the Hydraulic Station.
    We can save the world!!

  8. HI!in my opinion this video teaches us to transform bad habits in other much better, because there are many people and more cars and people should use public transport and so pollute less

  9. In this video we can see have a 6,5 billions the posibilities of save energy. We use the energy in cars, bus, metro...
    Also we use for photovoltaic panels, also speak the renewable energy and the warning of the 23 billon people and finally explain but take care that the enviroment we'll have a bad.

  10. This video talks about the energy and it is very intersting.I think thath we can use more transports like the bus to save the world better.When all the people on the world uses a car that can be a chaos with all the co2.

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